My name is Mark Kumar and I am a lifestyle entrepreneur. 

I coach entrepreneurs on how to achieve their personal and business goals faster by avoiding time wasting activities.

Below is my journey that led to where I am now.

First Business

I started my journey with portrait & wedding photography company. Within short 6 months I was at the top level where I was teaching other photographers the art of portrait & wedding photography. I did all of that without having a website.

To take my photography business to the next level I needed a website. That’s when I decided to build my company’s website by myself.

Second Business

It took me around 3 months to learn to build a decent website for my photography business. 

After showing my website to a few people, they loved it so much that they wanted me to create their business website. 

I would create a simple 4 to 5 page website for business owners and charge them $1k which they were happy to pay compared to what others gurus who were charging 10 times more money for the same amount of work. 

Knowing the fact that I could charge that much money for a website.

During my photography off season, I would spend my time learning and developing web applications for businesses that will help them save more money and be more productive.

I have done work for multi-million dollar companies like: Stop And Shop  , Giant food  and Martins Foods. One of my web applications saved the company $7.8 million dollars.

I even created a content management system like wordpress called NodePress JS to help people who were frustrated with constand issues that wordpress updates caused their sites. If you have experienced that, then you know how painful that can be!!!

Here are some of comments from the other professional web developers:





Third Business

After spending countless hours in front of the computer, I started to put on a lot of weight to the point  where I was on the borderline of becoming a diabetic.

I weighed at 270 pounds(122kg). At that time, I was wearing 2XL in men's t-shirt, and I was wearing 42 pants.


After months of trial and error trying to find a diet and workout plan that worked for me, I finally figured it out and got healthier. 

I created a new system that would work for you instead of against you. 

Compared to most of the fitness gurus who were teaching people to eat only certain kinds of food later to find that people were not getting sufficient nutrients and proper protein from those foods. 

After using the other fitness gurus system, they would get demotivated very quickly due to the fact that they were still craving those foods. 

Using my system, I lost over 80 pounds(36 kg).

I have taught my system to other people and they have seen some great results. 

What I Learned From 3 Different Industries

Being part 3 completely different industries and succeeding in them, I learned the “Business side” is the thing that people fail at the most. 

You can easily gain a skill(be a photographer, web developer, or fitness guru) but if you don't know how to acquire a customer who is willing to give you money, than you just have a very expensive habit that is going to bankrupt you.

Current Business 

I started Simple Podcast Cloud pure out of frustration of not finding a company that allow podcasters the ability to grow without having worry about your hosting fee going up as your podcast gets popular. 

With Simple Podcast Cloud, you get unlimited everything(storage, shows, episodes, bandwidth, a professional website, detailed stats and more) for just one simple price.

Everyone who has made the switch to us is very happy with the simplicity and power our platform gives them. 

I want to thank you for reading this far.

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