About Me

My name is Mark Kumar and I have a passion for photography.

I started doing photography some years back and realized how much I enjoyed it, so I then decided to broaden my skills and pursue photography on a professional level. It gives me a sense of pride and privilege to share some of the most sacred moments of people’s life and be able to capture that moment in such a special way that it can be treasured for many years to come.

I have had the honor of having some of my photography articles published on some of the most popular photography websites. My Photoshop training videos have been featured on AOL and other well known websites and I have even had some of my work published in a fashion magazine. I have served as a judge in photo critique events and I also teach photographers the art of photography through my workshops and webinars.

Also, I have been on a live Radio Show:

Although all of these accomplishments have been very rewarding, the biggest reward to me is the excitement on my clients’ face when they are so happy with their photographs.