Zorka Kovacevich’s Portrait Photoshoot

Zorka Kovacevich is a social media and internet marketing expert. She helps people to create online presence. Speaking of presence, her online presence is known by everyone in New York. She is like social butterfly. Everyone knows her. She is definitely a person you want to have in your contact list because she can open a lot of doors for you!!! I am so glad that I met her because I can use a lot of help in the networking department in New York since I just moved here not too long ago.

For our shoot, it was gorgeous sunny afternoon and the sun light hitting her beautiful face was simply stunning. The photographs turned out amazing. As Zorka said, she is looking forward to using the pictures on all of her social media networking sites.

Take a look:

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If you need help in the online presence department, you can check out Zorka Kovacevich’s website – http://blogabusinesscard.blogspot.com


  • Lori

    wonderful pictures mark. love them!

  • Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

  • Chris

    Great pictures!

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