Marko Schmitt started his professional life when he ditched highschool, ran away from home and joined the circus. Tightrope walking and fire-eating was great preparation for later starting a software company in Silicon Valley called 3Ring Media.

He learned how to sell to the likes of AT&T, Addison Wesley, and Silicon Graphics as well as raise money on Sad Hill Road. 5 Years ago he moved to Taos New Mexico for a midlife change where he bought an Earthship, met the love of his life, and discovered a passion for helping people to start and grow businesses.

Like a good Lean Startup Entrepreneur - He took a low level business advisor job with the SBDC so he could work with people everyday to understand their hopes, needs, and pain points. He took everything he learned and packed into a brand new online platform that is going to change the way people start and grow businesses.

Marko will share his knowledge with you that will help you take your business idea and turn it into profitable business.

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